Jason -


Ashley - djredlight.com

Just got home from a looonnnng day at work and just saw your message. Thankyou very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think of my music :) I don ever plan to stop, (though I must admit, I have slowed down with work). Im about 60% through an album at the moment which hopefully should be released later this year.

Kyle -

Came onto this website several years back. Both your Raindrops as well as Something for Nothing have gotten me through some rough spots. Very emotional and evocative. I love every song Ive heard from you so far. Don ever stop!

shk_hnd - Homepage

U e great artist. I havent listened your music except demo; but u draw well, lol.

david - younr1.com/

You make some good music Keep up. Greetings!

wojtek -

REALLY great music. And everything is different. Just listen, and listen, and listen.... :)

Kevin Lewallen - Homepage

Im a very very big fan of your Doom 1 & 2 music. I use them in the background using WinAmp every time I play Doom 1 & 2 using Doomsday Engine. Anyway, I did notice some tracks missing for Doom 1 and was wondering why they were missing? d_e1m7.mp3, d_e1m8.mp3, d_e2m3.mp3, d_e2m5.mp3, d_e2m7.mp3, d_e3m1.mp3, d_e3m6.mp3, d_e3m9.mp3. These are all missing from the Doom 1 tracks??? You seem to have all the Doom 2 tracks though.

Lilu - ubijaczki.portabilo.pl/

Cool music!

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i love your music

kk - www.livetvee.com


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