Aaron O. - www.myspace.com/solitarymanaaron

Dj Redlight, im a big fan all the way over here in WV, and I gotta say how much I appreciate your work, its fantastic! me and my friends play it in the car and just trip out on it, get really deep into the songs. of course of favorite is computer people, but your other tunes are just as great keep it up! looking forward to your next song ^_^

Leto -

I -LOVE- your music, and its hard to believe you aren as well-known as you should be ^^ My personal favourite is Fly :D

Stonez - Homepage

I was just randomly playing some flash game online, was digging the music and found the link, great stuff. Ever think about exploring a darker side with more moody and eerie songs? What could it hurt? Keep up the awesomeness (now officially a word, I made it so)

Yvonne - Homepage

HI ASHLEY! DO U REMEMBER ME! lol this is so cool~ your own website congrats <3

Chris - None at the moment

Hey ashley, good to see you are still alive and kicking in the music scene =) Those new tracks you released are very nice, I tasted some styles used in some of your early songs (calm before the storm etc. etc.) Keep posting new ones

Rick - www.gamediagames.com/

Cool musics, man!

Tyler - www.Myspace.com/tbreckpyro

Its rather odd...I came across your music on Newgrounds. The Computer People video was so odd in the coolest way, and I listened to it for 2 hours straight. Once I was done brainwashing myself I went to your website (obviously) and I heard all your songs. Call 911 Im having a seizure. I hope you realize you CAN, SHOULD and hopefully WILL take this professionally. Please please PLEASE!!! If this hits the charts and makes its way to the radio then I will FINALLY be able to clear my head of all those imitations!!! Keep up the good work,Tyler.

Kyle - Homepage

Awesome work! Its amazing how you have such musical talent for these electronic beats! Ones music says things about them...and I can tell by your creations that youd be a very cool person to meet :). Keep it up and God bless!! ---Sincerely, Kyle

Brian Korteweg -

I absolutely love your music. I was bummed that you didn have any cool album artwork, so I made one for you. Two style, one with your name, one without. Posting them on imageshack. If they ever go down, email me and Ill send them to whoever, or put them back up! ://img263.imageshack.us/img263/4214/redlightco vertextee5.png ://img63.imageshack.us/img63/2009/redlightcove rnotextwi9.png Enjoy!

Jase - Jase.com.au

where the hell have you been you fag.

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