Nerd-girl -

Hey Ashley, how do you play the music at the overclocked site? I click on things, and it only leads to articles.

MattG225 -

AWESOME Music Dude!!! Keep It Up!!

Babis - Homepage

Hi, Ive send you an e-mail but I got no answer. Maybe it didn delivered! I want to ask you something : I am making a computer game (puzzle game) and I would really like to use some of your music as background music. Do I have your permission to do that? Please answer me in my e-mail. Thank you very much, Your music is inspiring! Babis

Nicole - Homepage

Whitch song is the one about computer people??

Konstantin -

Ashley, Can you request to add your music to their music archive? at the moment is THE best radio online, as they allow listener to tune their own stations (up to 150 separate stations) in accordance with listeners preferences. Check out my own Dance-Trance Station: You need to register at to listen to their radio (free of charge)

Josh -

super work! keep trackin!

Oddeh -

Hey, I enjoyed your flash... You have some talent, take that from a fellow flash & graphic designer... Keep it up!

ken - n/a

your bloody amazing!! i heard the one on newgrounds first and then came and heard some here and woah!! im inspired to do something, but im not sure what yet. eh its the little things, man makes all the difference. over an outy

Psyco_Dark_Zaffa - Homepage

I just saw your Newgrounds flash, and it rocked. I just checked out some of your other music, and its really good. Keep up the good work! Youve just made a new fan ^.^

Ashley -

Yeah Matias, he did use it. He put it in the game flashpoint without my permission before i had a chance to put here. He didnt give any credit either, so consequently he now gets his music elsewhere. :)

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