Matias - Homepage

Woot! 3 new songs ^^ Ive heard Happichappi somewhere... >_< did Pat use it somewhere? So happi XP.

Jonathan - Homepage

Waagh! Your music makes me crazy! Are ya doing any more lately??? - guy from finland Really good music.

Chris Kay -

Needs more cowbell

pot black buddy -

hey mate check ur email. lates.

Matias -

The reason why I listen to your music is that its relaxing (those with slow beat) ^^ Especially Secret Symphony of Life and Death and No More. And theres another reason... really loud and annoying sound (like Night Club music and traffic sound) can distort your mind&soul... Bear that in yours.

Sebastian -

Hi there fellow I am from Germany, so please exucse my grammatical mistakes... I really like your musik and I hope that there will be more songs with violins and flutes.. If you would ask me which song i prefer i could not answer you, thats why i like all your touching songs. There has not been a song released in the past 5 1/2 month.. So i beg to you please release another song...your fans are waiting And god bless you... yours sincerely Sebastian

alex west -

looks great

rainmanbk -

wow, i heard this in another kids dorm room and almost died.. amazing.. please don ever stop making music.. i wish i could make music like you.

divineundergroundchaos - Homepage

ash, you e music is so freaking awesome

Cleland - Homepage

Hey, youve got great music. Nice talent and you e a good inspiration. - I suscribed.

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