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Hey, youve got great music. Nice talent and you e a good inspiration. - I suscribed.

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Jonathan -

these arent your songs.. most of these songs are by ad quisque suus proprius... your song called the gift is really called advocate

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HEY ASH Remember me? LOL its been so long how are ya babe? I havent spoken to you in ages and I really miss you.. I love your music, hope your all good, send me a email or jump on msn sometime I would love to hear from you. Brooke

A Fan - Homepage

I really enjoy your music, especially Hotwire. Keep up the good work!

Chaos -

Nice website. Nice songs.. Love shades of grey...

Wira - Homepage

Good Lord Ash! Wth have you been mate? Its been years since I last talked to you on MSN!

Jacqui - Homepage

Hey ash, Had a look at the site like i said i would! its awesome well done! love your music! have a good one. Jacqui

Name - Homepage

Wow, Im really surprised you e just giving your music away! Its definitely pro quality, you ought to make an album

jeff - Homepage

nice work, i know osmone else who did this kinda stuff..takes some time i know and jsut to let u know, i downloaded ur songs and now at my taekwondo place we use them to work out with..good beats lol so ya, keep up the good work

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