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The music youve produced, though I haven listened to them all, are well produced and have much feeling to them. I can definitely dig the vibes, and the persona you give the songs. Being able to convey the feeling that inspires the song is difficult, but I music is a universal language that everyone can understand, I guess its just a matter of how you express it. Im diggin the combinations of acoutics and electronic sounds you use. Keep up the passion - Ri-Le

Name Denise - Homepage

Message Hi Ash, Just letting you know, I dropped in to listen to your music and check out your website. Pretty Good

Mat -

I went to your website through Pats website. Ive downloaded almost all your music ^^. I loved them. Maybe its my style .

jess -

hey ash its jess from tafe this isnt my sort of music but i haveto say its pretty good!!!!!

To you suck balls - none

Gee.... Very constructive...(low intellegence detected in lifeform)


Holy Shit Man, that music is fkn crap, i fkn luv dance music n drum n bass n all that shit but you are a disgrace 2 even remotely be labelled in the same visinity as that sort of music. do sumfin else wid ya life coz ya are rubbish at this, get a job or even better a girlfriend (or boyfriend if ya swing that way, which im sure you do)

pablo -

Great job ashley your music i did rock.

Laurent - Enigmatic Eden -

Waaaaaw! Wide imagination and creativity! Personal and mature style(s). Keep going on! PS: an good website !

Kaden - Homepage

Great music, have loved every piece of music you write since I first found your music. keep up the good work and hope to hear more of your stuff in the future.

Jason -

I <3 you. x

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