bigtits -

My best friend said I had to visit your site. She was right,thanks.

fan -

Descent 2 track is very well done

Paul (e-clipse) -

Hotwire bumps for real! Your soundstage is so well produced. Your piano is panned very broadand full. All the synths are perfectly leveled. Your overall mix is better produced than most well known EDM artists out there. Props from Producer/Audio Engineer to another.

OoPpEe -

Was wondering if you ever completed your Doom tracks? Ive downloaded a few packs online, but there are gaps.

Alena -

Very good webpage you have here

david -

hey Ashley this music is awesome, well done! i never new you were this good , ill deffinately keep listening. Thanks and nice to see that its readily available.. Hey talk to you on msn k dave

Andreas - Homepage

I am teh winZ am i allowed to curse here?

Natalie - Heya

I love your musical sense and creativity. They took my soul and mind to different places, such imagination to explore... Thank you for sharing them, and allowing me to surf and listen to these beautiful soundwaves made from you. Keep shining.

Name - Homepage

Ash, your work is as always brilliant. love the new stuff too. ..just a fan.

Alexandre Albuquerque - Not yet

Hi Ashley, I found one of your musics in the Propellehead web site (Your sincerely). This is a great song, I loved it, congratulations !!! So, I need let youy know this song help me very much on Reason Now you know that you have a admirer in Brazil. Ps.: Sorry for my english, Im a beginner.

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