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hi ^^ ashley remember me little brother of chris i like retrospect dr who and for you i will the most and the gift is real cool 2 keep it up

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Hey Ashley, awesome music, always knew you could do it. revelation rocks, keep it up!

Ben -

This music stomps many a colon. This is some really great stuff you got here!

Joe - www.mp3.com.au/Omnipresence

hey ashley. website looks good man. had a quick listen to a few of your new tunes - sounding good as always. its always good to see artists experimenting with styles they are not familiar with, and pushing their boundaries. have a good one mate

Patrick - www.godlimations.com

man, that dream needs prayer ahha, very funny though =D BTW "revelation" is quite a revelation welldone Ash

E-clipse - www.scenenetwork.com

Logic is tight! It is not only club/party friendly but its also better than most of the progressive breaks I have been hearing released lately. Your levels are wonderful. I love your sound staging. Do you have some kickass monitors? Your bass is kickin!

Frank - www.msn.com

Revalation is really sweet stuff. I have downloaded the other ocremixes, awsome stuff. Keep pumping out that freaking awsome music!!!! I cant get enough of it!!!!

Tim - -

hey, guy(s) hows is going, im writng cos im playing you at yahoo pool! this site rocks! good luck your your djing. Tim-chch

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Strange dream. Do you often find that your dreams take place in areas that are surreal amalgamations of places youve been, seen, and/or videogame worlds? I know I do. Your desire for bread maybe seen as a need for sustenance. Wether this means youre broke, lonely, or just plain hungry, I havent a clue. Though sometimes a loaf is just a loaf.

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