Mel aka hotsexybitch_1984 from yahoo -

Ash hun ur dreams r crazier then mine!!! Glad im not the only insane person out there!!! Keep writin away...anyone who gets music theory is a genius I got Ds in theory As in prac at least I was consistent eh.... And OMG about the annoying word thing!!! Ive finally found sum one else like me!!!!!!

Name - Homepage

Your musick is great

vlad -

Man,your music rocks,

Jerry - Homepage

Seeing as I love your music, and I frequently drop by your site to see if you have any new songs uploaded, I felt it would be fitting to drop a comment. Your music friggin rocks. I like it so much that I was gonna email you asking if you could upload some of your older tracks that you mentioned, but I see you already started doing so. Awesome! Keep up the good work.

Tony Carboni - Homepage

I love your stuff! Inhibition is incredible- youve got alot of talent. Great website too. I cant wait for your new song :)

Evil O_o?? - none

No cookies ey Ashley?? Nice job

Yuri -

Man you know I always loved your shit and I was fortunate enough to hear your work as it progressed and I must say your music never ceased to amaze me. I know one day I will be buying (downloading/pirating) some music CDs and I will see yours there, just a matter of time. By the way I love the graphix on this site.

Patrick -

shades of grey, very smooth ash, love it! Its got a nice jazzy feeling at the start. secret symphony is another hit ash, Make a happy song! the second part of the theme secret symphony reminds me a slight significance with one of the final fantasy themes, but you wouldnt notice it, unless your a freak like me. look forward to more music man, keep it up, keep us all heppy cleppy

Ransom -

Youre only my age, but youre out there kicking some serious musical ass. Keep it up.

Damien -

I felt compelled to shout to the world how good your tunes are, even though ive allready told you personally. Awsome stuff, talent beyond your years! keep it coming

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