e-clipse - www.ohmbience.com

I first discoverd your talent downloading all the trance genre tracks fron the reason website. Your tracks stood out way above the rest. Ashley..your talent is precious.

TJ - Homepage

I just listened finished listening to Anti Gravity Electronic Symphony, and Im absolutely stunned. The work you put into your music is just amazing! Your remixes are great, and your originals are just as enticing. I look forward to listening to new tracks and albums.

Eph - www.ephland.com

Very nice work! I heard your Doom/Doom 2 remixes and was blown away. Youre stuff is awesome, you know Im a film maker myself, if I ever get big or famous, Ill give you tons of money to score a movie for me!

Name 3DZOEF - Homepage www.atleet.tk

Message Whatzup, im a big fan of your music style. How is your latest project progressing... B......... hehehe BTW: This site may not be GREAT but a nice clever design it surely is!

Linda - Homepage

Well done. Youve come such a long way and they all sound great! Got to get yourself a living out of this so keep it up. I would like to say more but Ive been told I am not allowed!.

Jack -

Hey there. Nice site. I love your work on OCR. Keep it up.

Inimitable - Homepage

Been a fan on OCR for a long time, just now realized you had this site! Many forms of excellent.

Agent00CR -

Hey Ash! Its been a long time. Im so glad that you have a website up again. Im eager to download your latest tracks and hear some new songs. Keep up the good work!

claire k - Homepage

hey. this stuff your doing is awesome. you are really going to go far with this (im being compeletely serious)... only wish i had gotten you to sign that CD you made for me ages ago... might be wirth something, jjks* all the best. claire k.

Erik - www.infrarift.net

1 word, Amazing!

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