Patrick - coming soon

Ashley! A trendy and nice website you have constructed, weldone! Your music is good as always. I look forward to seeing more updates for sure. Keep persuing your career.

Tom - Homepage

Dude nice work heh seems all the down time was put to good work. I think its time to go further dont u? get out there man n get a name... dj more , talk to radio stations nething. I know ull do well catcha

Rosie -

Congratulations Ash!!! Its about time you got around to doing something like this - now everyone can experience your incredible talent. All the best, and much love, Rosie xxx

Joshua -

Some one told me that your site is very cool and when i poened it, i was amazed how cool is your site dude. Good luck for the next step.

Name Joshua - Homepage

Message Very good site dude. your site is the best.

xiong -

well, well, well mr .com now eh ash good to see u still working seeing as i didnt talk to u for, well a long time. seems ur back and better than ever so good luck with everything dude.

toine - none

i mean ash

toine - none

hey redlight cool website i like it

Jas -

Well done Ashl. Nice to see it up and running

James -

Dude, Its about fricken time that you gave me one of these things to put my messages to you on. Cool site, not to fond on the whole desert colour scheme. Keep making music... I need to listen to something in the car! hehe. Congrats dude. James

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