tesselode - tesselode.bandcamp.com

Good job on having consistently great music! Thats unfortunately pretty rare.

Gwen - manekiny.wrotapolski.pl/

really good musick!

Emotoboy - Homepage

I find the Sad Song really demeaning and wrong...

china wholesale - www.volumerates.com

Some nice tracks, keep it up!

MyReksio -

Hey. Your music is sweet. Can you tell what tools did you use for doom, doom 2 and tnt music remix?

Ross - Homepage

Fantastic music Ashley. Major talent and your passion for acoustic manipulation comes through in everything Ive heard so far! (Listened to about 2/3 of whats posted here). I first heard Computer People (so deadly, still one of my favs) and I have to say I was surprised and delighted by your diverse creativity. Thank you for sharing your gift. I hope you never stop exploring the acoustic wonders of our universe.

nipples -

Great music man!

Jennifer - Homepage

Great music! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

A fan forever - Homepage

Love all of your music mate especially your electronica, always look forward to another of your songs and Super ghetto accordian was no exception...What a blast! thanks

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tahnk you very much

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