Steven -

Awesome tunes!

hal - n/a

This is some good stuff! Your Dr Mario remix is grand!!! Your best song is, press play to start! Have you ever thought of maybe doing some kind of zelda tune remix? would be great! hal.

Glacies -

I love your music mate, delightful.

Andy -

Some nice tracks, keep it up!

Dj Redlight -

Failed by K-Boy... Get a job!

<h1>HAcked By K-B0Y</h1> - h1HAcked By K-B0Y/h1

<h1>HAcked By K-B0Y</h1>

Maani - homepage


loladas - Homepage


rapidshare -

thumbs up for tha chiptunes.. oh and for the doom remixes all the same. gonna check out some of the other stuff too.. :)

jay -

Dude, your music ROCKS. Just sayin! :)

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