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Im a martial arts practisioner, I need inspirational music that is relaxed but at the same time powerful. Your work has proven to be invaluable ! thank you

YiffyGriffy - Homepage

Absolutely fantastic music! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your art with us!

IcePyro (Andrew Koenig) -

Hey ashley! love your music :), keep it coming

Ass3mblyR3quir3d - Homepage

Sweet stuff! I can believe youve been making music since you were 13! Crazy! Keep producing!

vhold -

Heya, Found ya through the Dr Mario Burning Up OC Remix... Im totally floored it by it. Ive listened to it several dozen times (over the course of a few months) and I still keep taking something new out of it.. amazing. Please keep it up!

Honza - foga.wz.cz

hmm nice page and nice music

john smith - www.whatsmyip.net

<b>nice site</b>

Ashley - www.djredlight.com

Thanks heaps for the comments everyone, Im chuffed. Its very much appreciated thanks again! ~ash

quarkenzyme - www.quarkenzyme.deviantart.com

hey man, youre stuff is definitely inspiring. i hope to be a DJ/music programmer myself someday, and its encouraging to see someone so young who already has such talent. :) keep it up

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