That Skater - Homepage

Dam Ashley ur music is so good. i wish i could do this. keep it up. <3333 I LOVE YOU!

Doesn\'t Matter Now, Does It? - Homepage

The fly track, its an inspirational piece.

Dirty Sanchez -

Hey there big boy, You know you want some of this. Your music turns me on. You sexy thing you. Bad bad boy you are. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Name Rogue - Homepage

Message Good site, Great Music. Keep it up!

Dont\' Panic - Homepage

Great work, I really like shades of grey and anti gravity electronic symphony. Keep up the good work (hope you get lots of money, a lerge house, and fancy cars for it)

Dirge Singer -

Loving the music! Sex me up redlight oh yes, you want this.

Kioh -

Im in love with Press Start To Play ^^ Keep up the work Redlight <3 (Maybe you could teach me a thing or two? :o I use Fruity Loops Studio 7, feel free to add me on MSN Messenger o.o(Thats my email, too. >> <<))

Felicia -

Hey Ash Don know if ya remember me! If you don , ask your mum, i saw her today! She told me bout your site! Nice work! And i found you on lastfm, congrats on how well your doin! Im guna tune into some of your music now! Catchya xo

GameCharmer -

Love the tunes man. Keep up the awesome work!

Cosmic Jester -

Came across your Burnin Up Dr. Mario remix right after making a remix of the Fever theme myself... you put mine to shame!! :) Simply amazing stuff.

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