Cosmic Jester -

Came across your Burnin Up Dr. Mario remix right after making a remix of the Fever theme myself... you put mine to shame!! :) Simply amazing stuff.

Sam - Homepage

Just google DJ Redlight man, nice to see your name popping up around the place :D

Stuart Russell - Homepage

Feb 30th, 2008 -Excellent music!

omggzzzz -

omggzzzz ashley carr you e so good mannggzzz. wish i could make music like you..... love loveeeeeee jassseeeee mak.

sameer -

NICE!!! I love your music. I first heard logic when playing a game, then i got hooked on your music.

Godwin - ..

Good to see you e still composing. Stay with DNB and Breaks man... not nearly enough of that in your stuff. Still can please everyone I suppose.

chakaone -

your stuff sounds so pro, i myself have done a couple of drum n bass tracks using acid 4.0 but no were as near your talent. keep it up dude!

Amp -

Your stuffs great! Very melodic and i love the variety you provide. I wonder what kind of Trance you could pull off?

Aaron O. -

words cannot describe my excitement about all the new tracks, I havn had a chance to listen to em yet, but its awesome theres so many new ones

djredlight -

Your wish is my command :D Two new tracks. Hopefully more coming over the holidays. Thanks heaps for all your support and encouragement guys. :D

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