2012-10-07 - Doom 2 Remix Pack PK3[comments 2]

Doom 2 Remix pack for the doomsday engine.

2012-10-07 - Doom 1 Remix Pack PK3[comments 0]

Doom 1 Remix pack for the doomsday engine.

2008-06-21 - still waiting (doom 2 - waiting for romero to play remix)[comments 3]

This is a remix of Waiting for Romero to Play off the Doom 2 Soundtrack. Features some pretty awesome synth rock elements.

2008-06-21 - dance of the mancubus (doom 2 - shawns got the shotgun remix)[comments 3]

This is a remix of Shawns got the shotgun from to doom 2 soundtrack. Nice hard hitting breaks with some funky glitchy passages.

2006-12-22 - computer people[comments 14]

I have had a few requests for this track from my animation at newgrounds called computer people, so here it is. Its probably not up to the same standard as my other tracks, but I produced this just for fun and i ended up composing the song and doing the animation in an afternoon. You can view the animation at Thanks everyone again for the great comments!

2006-06-08 - dr who theme (trance remix)[comments 3]

This track is a hard trance remix of the theme music from the popular 60s television show, Dr Who, Which was originally composed by Ron Grainer. It was started purely for a bit of fun, but i think it grew into a really cool track. I've had it sitting around for ages but i never really knew what to do with it, so i figured i'd put it here. I hope you enjoy it.

2006-05-20 - redlight demo[comments 5]

This is my first attempt at a video clip. It is a dedication to the demoscene which i've been a fan of for a long while. Basically a "demo" is a computer program that merges electronic music, maths, graphic design and programming to create a compelling and visually stunning presentation. So this is my attempt at a demo which i created in a fantastic program called werkzeug. This demo is a computer program, not a mp3 file, so you will need Microsoft Direct X 9c to run it. I hope you have as much fun watching it as i did creating it.. if so, let me know ;)