2014-05-25 - When Angels Fall[comments 1]

Another old one from my high school days around 2001. I remember there was a dream or something that inspired this one.

2007-11-13 - adaptations[comments 1]

The little drum and bass piece was the first track i produced in my recent music production studies. We used mainly a Protools HD setup and Logic to produce with, however they did have copies of Reason Adapted (a seriously stripped down version of the full product). Basically you can only use two synthesizers, a beat machine and a sample player simultaneously. This restricts you with regards to production, but forces you to be creative with how you compose to keep things interesting.

2007-11-13 - metropolis[comments 2]

Metropolis was an early attempt at jazz influenced drum and bass. Funky flute, keys and muted trumpet lines make this track. :)

2007-11-13 - synthesizer appetizer[comments 0]

This electronica track is basically an assortment of blips blops and strange noises. I program all my synthesizer sounds from scratch and this was an exercise in just that. A fun little track.

2007-11-13 - symphony of aliens[comments 3]

This track is a chillout, downtempo breaks track with plenty of lush pads at piano lines.

2007-11-13 - static[comments 0]

This track is another clean edged drum and bass piece which makes major use of TB303 lines, piano and synths.

2007-11-13 - saturday night[comments 0]

This was really one of my first successful forays into the world of funky house music. I planned for vocals with this one but never really got around to it. Still quite a funky track with some cool Rhodes leads and acoustic guitar.

2007-11-13 - quick break[comments 0]

This track is a clean fast paced techstepish piece with some odd synth bleeps, bloops, vocals and effects.

2007-11-13 - stupid melody[comments 2]

Written shortly after "Balloon", I was having fun with my newly found method for synthesized vocals. This track doesn't really make much sense at all but its quite fun to listen to.

2007-11-13 - boundaries[comments 0]

I wrote this in early 2005. It features elements of Jazz, Classical and Acoustic.

2007-11-13 - balloon[comments 0]

This track was an electronica experiment using text to speech and a vocoder to produce electronic singing. Quite funky :)

2006-01-22 - changing lanes[comments 2]

The fourth of a number of old tracks i'll be uploading. One of my first drum and bass efforts, and it had some great synthlines and effects. This track has been remastered.

2005-11-24 - raindrops[comments 3]

This is another old track i wrote about two years ago, and i still love it today. Its got an awesome feeling to it which i've tried to recapture and i dont think i have. Anyway its been remastered and I hope you enjoy it again :)

2005-11-07 - a letter to catherine[comments 4]

A song i wrote in memory of Catherine Hayton, who sadly passed away on September 8th, 2003. This track has been remastered.

2005-09-10 - for you i will[comments 6]

A bunch of you have been asking for me to put some of my old tracks back up on this site so here is the first of a series i'll be uploading. For you I will is a trance that i wrote a fair while back from my album Ascention. It features some awesome piano lines and synth leads. This track has been remastered, so i hope you all enjoy it again. =)