:: About Me ::

Thought it was about time I rewrote this thing, as it was getting rather dusty, and the cobwebs were beginning to pile up 🙂


My name is Ashley Carr and i’ve been producing, composing, living and breathing music for the best part of 12 years.


I work professionally as a producer, music production lecturer, and in music technology sales and support. This website has been an outlet for my music since 2003, and i’ve uploaded over 5 and a half hours of original compositions which have been downloaded by over 250,000 people.


After playing with early trackers and progressing to fruityloops, I discovered Propellerhead Software’s Rebirth, and later Reason, which I have been using as a primary method of extracting ideas from my brain since 2002. I also use a variety of hardware, keyboards and instruments, as well as other software like Protools, NI, Arturia Plugs, Sibelius.


I always hated the idea of composing in one style or genre, and so my music has always been an eclectic mish mash of different ideas as they fly around in my head. Music has always been fun for me, and I try not to take anything too seriously, you can usually catch me jamming in front of something, laughing my ass off with a big grin on my face. That’s when im the most productive! Haha!


I’m always incredibly grateful to anyone who takes the time to write a comment, guestbook message, or facebook post. I’ve been really lucky with a great bunch of people who seem to like what I do for some reason. 🙂


So with that said, I’m a quite a nice dude, really! So feel free to show the comment and email love 😀 I read everything, and always appreciate hearing from you.


I’d like to thank everyone who has visited this website over the years, and hope you continue to in the future.


– Ash