2005-07-01 - djredlight.com goes live!

Welcome to the brand new djredlight.com! Yes I know its been quite a while. I’ve been a bit busy with work my new cd and my internet connection being missing in action. So to say sorry, i’ve got a brand new site design, a new guestbook with smilies and I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of mp3s in the music section. I’ll also update as much as i can. I taught myself php for this site, so I hope everything goes smoothly, having said that though, there’s plenty of room for errors (damn dot dot semicolon crap), ahem.. if you come across one please send me a mail to feedback@djredlight.com letting me know where you encountered it and i’ll do my best to fix it =). So yeah, thats about it… I hope you enjoy the site. Cheers =) Ashley

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