2011-07-30 - Far From Home [comments 10]

This track is something new I’ve been working on. Its definitely a departure from familiarity, but I’m really proud of it as a first foray into the world of chillstep. I hope you enjoy it.


2010-12-20 - super ghetto accordion [comments 2]

I don’t really know what this one is other than it was a blast to write! A tribute to all the crazy accordion players of the world who always manage to make me laugh. Follow me on Soundcloud!


2008-09-08 - twist of fate [comments 1]

My first chiptune tracker module 🙂 This track is different from the others on this site, its a tracker module, which is kinda like a midi file but with samples included in the package. You can play it in winamp and other music players that support module music. 🙂


2008-06-21 - construct [comments 1]

12 years ago, well before Reason was ever concieved, I was 9 years old, and propellerhead software were busy with their flagship product, Rebirth. Now Rebirth is discontinued and available for free at www.rebirthmuseum.com. This track was written entirely in that software and just goes to show that you dont have to have the most expensive studio to make some kick ass music 🙂


2007-11-13 - sucker [comments 3]

I’m just a sucker for a… tb303! 😀 Plenty of newschool breaks goodness in this tribute to the worlds favorite little silver box.


2007-11-13 - im gone (instrumental) [comments 3]

This is a track that I wrote during my music studies for Anisa, a vocalist and lyricist. There are two versions of this track, the first features lyrics and vocals by Anisa and will hopefully be released on a compilation CD from the WA Groove magazine. The second version is the one i’m offering here, the instrumental version which just features my music. This poppy rnb track has some kick ass funky Motown elements, Rhodes, b3, wah and funk strats, trumpets and oldschool groovy Moog synth lines. Give it a listen 🙂


2007-11-11 - press start to play [comments 6]

This track was my ring tone for ages and i recently converted into a full song. Its a drum and bass (and bleep) track inspired by the sounds of the old computer game systems like to Commodore and the Nintendo. Good fun 🙂


2007-11-11 - the sad song [comments 8]

This track was written as a joke when I was completing my music course. Its dedicated to all of those out there who revel in self pity and sadness. Its not directed at those who are genuinely depressed, rather… well, Emos and their entire culture. 🙂 As this track features the pitchy, god awful and downright painful vocals of yours truly, I can only recommend you never listen to this song, haha.


2007-08-21 - sine [comments 4]

This track was produced using only sine waves. It was written as an assignment piece for my music production course.


2007-08-21 - fly [comments 9]

This track is a track which progresses from chilled keys to a sorta 70s style synth rock. This was another assessment piece.


2006-12-04 - funkelitious [comments 3]

This track is a fusion of jazz inspired piano and funky wahwah rhodes lines with electronica throughout. I love this one.


2006-08-03 - happichappi [comments 3]

Not the most serious of all songs as the name suggests, but definately a great fun song which was a blast to write.


2006-08-03 - something for nothing [comments 8]

This one tries to merge rnb and hip hop elements with classical piano. The result is quite different, but i think the two balance each other out nicely.


2006-03-27 - obsessions [comments 2]

A new electronica track which has a nice balance of piano and electronica elements. Hope you enjoy it.


2006-03-27 - no more [comments 6]

Another piano track with some awesome synth elements in there. This track started life as a background track to a flash animation i did, I loved the sequence so much I finished the track off.


2006-01-22 - rhyme and reason [comments 6]

A massive dnb track which kinda tries to meld orchestral music with hard hitting drum and bass. I wrote this one a fair while ago, but its still a great track.


2005-12-24 - girl from mars [comments 2]

This track is a fairly strange and spacey electronica track, inspired funnily enough from a graffiti piece i saw on the train to work. All manner of blips and blops and strange fx… And yes, thats me attempting to sing 🙂


2005-11-23 - dream of you [comments 2]

A new chillout track. This one is a bit strange, similar to dizzy valentine. I originally wrote lyrics to go with this one but i never found time to organise it. I quite like the ideas and how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂


2005-11-23 - yours sincerely [comments 3]

This is a track i wrote about a year back, i wrote it for my great grandmother who sadly passed away the day that i started writing it. I decided to dedicate it to her, as a celebration of her life.


2005-11-07 - hotwire [comments 7]

A brand new trance monster. I’m quite happy with this one, i started it a fair while ago and recently finished it off. Some cool leads and bassy noises throughout.


2005-09-14 - logic [comments 5]

This track is my first real attempt at breaks, and really my first club friendly track. Its a progressive breakbeat track that features a lot of different synth ideas and i think the end result sounds kinda classy. I hope you enjoy it, just remember to play it loud =)


2005-09-10 - retrospect [comments 7]

This track is basically my interpretation of 80s synthpop. With a bunch of synth effects, leads, blips, blobs, beats and basses, this track jumps out and fluffs up your hair, puts on your dance shoes and busts out the spandex, shoulder pads and ankle warmers. haha. It was a lot of fun to write and i am happy with how well it turned out. I hope you enjoy it too.


2005-08-04 - secret symphony of life and death [comments 3]

This track is completely orchestral. Solo piano, violin and cello, intertwine and weave an awesome theme. This was a first attempt of mine to write a track featuring no electronic elements. I love this track and i hope you enjoy it too. One of my mum’s faves =P


2005-08-04 - shades of grey [comments 6]

I really love this track. Its a chillout track infused with jazz and hiphop elements. Very funky. Again my Rhodes make a fairly big appearance in this one too. I don’t know what else to say about it, so I guess you’ll just have to have a listen.


2005-07-22 - anti gravity electronic symphony [comments 4]

A fairly odd track, but none the less one of my favorites. It was inspired by a dodgy dream I had. Its a deep electronica track with plenty of weird and wonderful sounds in it. The vocals are mine and I was fairly amazed at how they fit with the rest of the track… after vocoding and loads of reverb =P Haha, go production values!


2005-07-01 - inhibition [comments 6]

This track is a fast paced, intelligent drum and bass song, with some awesome gated vocal hooks, acid bass lines, garage elements and electronic leads. An eclectic and beautiful drum and bass song which is one of my favourites.


2005-06-30 - the gift [comments 6]

I started this song on Christmas day 2004, I was fairly bored so i was just messing around with a few guitar chords. I ended up writing most of this track that day, finishing it later on in the week. I really love this song, its simplicity and the idea of acoustic and synth elements together works well in my opinion.


2005-06-30 - relic [comments 2]

This song quite different to anything i’ve ever produced, and i’m quite sure its very different to anything you’ve ever heard. I adore the way the traditional piano and strings intertwine with the indian percussion elements and synths to later peak in a sort of major bridge and climax. This song is really something i cant describe here, just download it, sit back and listen.


2005-06-30 - epiphany [comments 1]

A brand new trance track, the first one i’ve done in quite some time and I’m quite happy with it. Some awesome leads and synths in this one.


2005-06-30 - dizzy valentine [comments 5]

I really love this song so much. A lot of guitar work in this one, which breathes so much life into the track. My favourite rhodes mkII make a panned and tubed appearance in a big way. To me its like the perfect balance between electronic and acoustic. A balance i’ve been trying to achieve for quite some time.