2006-12-22 - computer people

I have had a few requests for this track from my animation at newgrounds called computer people, so here it is. Its probably not up to the same standard as my other tracks, but I produced this just for fun and i ended up composing the song and doing the animation in an afternoon. You can view the animation at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/352934. Thanks everyone again for the great comments!


10 replies on “computer people”

Rating - 5

I cant figure out how to download it 😀 i use firefox, and all it shows is a player

Rating - 4

Only problem is the vocals are a bit hard to hear… Otherwise a VERY catchy tune. I first heard it as the flash on newgrounds.

Rating - 5

honestly, i really like this song, i showed it to about 20 of my friends, (on newgrounds) and they all loved it too, so i believe you should do more flash! unless that is, u dont have any more good music….. (j/k j/k) but still u should think about it…. ~FROTCH~

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