2007-08-21 - fly

This track is a track which progresses from chilled keys to a sorta 70s style synth rock. This was another assessment piece.


9 replies on “fly”

Rating - 5

Man how I wish I could put this song on my ipod and listen to it. is there a way to DL this?

Rating - 5

They say that music can move the soul.. This song makes my soul SOAR! Shame we can only rate upto a 5, cause this is a 50. Great job!!

Rating - 5

When I listen to this song I feel complerely amazing! Like God himself is embracing me with love. Tears were running down my cheeks from the intense feeling of the music. Thank you for sharing a beautiful gift.

Rating - 5

very powerful melody. Fresh and suprising. i love the rapid front melody againts the slow, ambient background. very inspiring. 😀 good job, yet again. 🙂

Rating - 5

Love this song. It always gets my imagination sooaing and I feel very inspired. I only wish it could last longer…Great stuff as always.

Rating - 3

The chilled keys part is really good, but for a reason, I didn like the synth rock. Guess its not my style 😛 This should be 2 different songs. Anyway, its good to see your works 🙂

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