2006-12-04 - funkelitious

This track is a fusion of jazz inspired piano and funky wahwah rhodes lines with electronica throughout. I love this one.


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Rating - 5

As bizarre as it sounds, this is a really good track to walk down the street to.

Rating - 5

Du grand art!!! Sincerely, your music is magic, with a bit of imagination, you can feel like your flying in space. I really enjoy what you do and thank you for letting us download freely what must take you a long time to achieve.

Rating - 5

Cool chilled track. Sounds almost too smooth and meditative to be called funk, but the wah wahed epiano suggest otherwise. Nice funky leads, sounds kinda moogish. You using hardware or something? Very nicely mixed and all the (numerous) elements in the track have a well defined place. The drumloop was cool, but a bit more embellishment and extra percussion would have been cooler!

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