2005-07-01 - inhibition

This track is a fast paced, intelligent drum and bass song, with some awesome gated vocal hooks, acid bass lines, garage elements and electronic leads. An eclectic and beautiful drum and bass song which is one of my favourites.


6 replies on “inhibition”

Rating - 5

I don know why but many track, this one in particular, remind me of the Unreal game. Awesome!

Rating - 3

This could be a wonderful track if you make it less bland. The musical ideas are all in place, but there needs to be more romp and pomp.

Rating - 5

Dude, you darn well redefine dnb. This track is so mysterious and inviting…..it makes me want to write a story.

Rating - 5

This has got to be my favorite mix aside from Ascent – Revelation. Very trancelike and very very good. Its very good for relaxing, and I listen to it all the time. ^.^;;

Rating - 5

Oh…wow….Dnb should be more like this! such uplifting melodies, very trancestep. The sawlead melody is absolutely brilliant, very trancelike. Minimal square leads, awesome 303 action, almost too groovy of a bass for dnb. BRILLIANT.

Rating - 4

Not a big fan of DNB stuff but it has a great melody. A bit too happy play school happy for me … great work nonetheless. 🙂

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