2006-03-27 - no more

Another piano track with some awesome synth elements in there. This track started life as a background track to a flash animation i did, I loved the sequence so much I finished the track off.


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Rating - 5

Ive listened to all your music on this website, and I have to say that this is my favorite. Keep up the good work! Oh, and thanks for letting us download it, so we can listen to it anytime we want.

Rating - 5

Hey… i pretty much just found out about you after watching that movie at newgrounds with the people that are supposed to be in your computer… anyways… I loved that song… and i am amazed with this one… its beautiful. Very relaxing track… and one that wont make you bored like most slow piano type tracks like this do… well… to me anyway. Thank you for making music.

Rating - 5

I commented on this one already.. but its not showing up, so ill try again… A good tune, I really like it! one of your classics. Youve done really well Ashley with this one, I keep listening to it! Your driving me insane!!!!

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