2005-11-24 - raindrops

This is another old track i wrote about two years ago, and i still love it today. Its got an awesome feeling to it which i’ve tried to recapture and i dont think i have. Anyway its been remastered and I hope you enjoy it again 🙂


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Rating - 5

the music youve produced, though I haven listened to them all, are well produced and have much feeling to them. I can definitely feel the music and the persona you give the songs. Being able to convey the feeling that inspires the song is difficult, but I music is a universal language that everyone can understand, I guess its just a matter of how you express it. Keep up the passion – Ri-Le

Rating - 5

i love your music….i found your website on another site and decided to check it out now your songs are all i listen too…really good

Rating - 4

I didnt feel like listening to it today, it was already raining outside hah! But anyways, very remasteringly awesome ash. Its got smooth layed back symphony, like dizzy valentine I guess.

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