2006-05-20 - redlight demo

This is my first attempt at a video clip. It is a dedication to the demoscene which i’ve been a fan of for a long while. Basically a “demo” is a computer program that merges electronic music, maths, graphic design and programming to create a compelling and visually stunning presentation. So this is my attempt at a demo which i created in a fantastic program called werkzeug. This demo is a computer program, not a mp3 file, so you will need Microsoft Direct X 9c to run it. I hope you have as much fun watching it as i did creating it.. if so, let me know 😉


4 replies on “redlight demo”

Rating - 5

Wow. I was never really into the demoscene, but now I want to see more! Awesome music as well! Can wait to see/hear more!

Rating - 5

Woot! Nice! I put anti-alias at quality 2 the second time I watched it… >_< more beautiful ^^, but laggy. Well anyway, ^^ good job

Rating - 5

Stunning, fantastic, wonderful… I am amazed at the program youve used. Especially the rain drops!! that was like the best, its not just like 2d raind coming down, it was real mystical like in a fantasy theme or something, very inspiring for me… thanks! *Goes to watch it again

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