2006-08-03 - something for nothing

This one tries to merge rnb and hip hop elements with classical piano. The result is quite different, but i think the two balance each other out nicely.


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Rating - 5

Wow. definitely one of my favourites. this track is a totally unique blend, fusion like only Redlight can do it! 🙂 its calm and simple, but without being bland or repetitive, all the perfect instruments and key changes in the right places. incredible! >.< btw, i play this song regularly at a local lounge where i DJ. its perfect for setting the mood of chilling and getting to know people. thanks!

Rating - 5

I recently heard some of your work, and I love it. It is very well done, and it sounds very pleasing to the ear. I have finally found some good music to relax to. This song is no exception, i really like it

Rating - 5

it would do very well with someone singing or rapping to it. ot somehow reminds me of some of 2pacs music. keep up the good work

Rating - 4

Really nice interplay between the keys and strings. Nice mix of the sweet and the more edgy with the melody. Again, the mix is very nice, and the track evolves well. Would really love to hear the strings come to a bit more of a crescendo. The final section left me hanging a bit. The drums seem a tad Reasony. Another great track overall!

Rating - 5

Its one AM. Im sitting in the dark, waiting for time to pass so I can travel one and a half thousand miles to be with the woman I love. Thanks for conveniently creating my theme song.

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