2005-09-10 - for you i will

A bunch of you have been asking for me to put some of my old tracks back up on this site so here is the first of a series i’ll be uploading. For you I will is a trance that i wrote a fair while back from my album Ascention. It features some awesome piano lines and synth leads. This track has been remastered, so i hope you all enjoy it again. =)


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Rating - 5

One of my most favourites…. and one of the ones that has been in my playlist for years, and still will be for many more to come!

Rating - 5

Sounds formiliar, makes me think of the past =) Keep releasing tracks bro, one by one better then the last!

Rating - 5

Ashley just bombed your house..yet again…with his amazing doof doof talent. toorah~!

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