2006-12-06 - updates

Just a quick note to let you know i’m not totally dead. I’ve been pretty busy lately with school and its taken up the vast majority of my energy. However I have been producing, and this is just a little update of what i’ve been up to. Three songs this time around. The first, Something for Nothing is a mix of piano and classical orchestration with more modern rnb elements. I think the two work quite well together and I’m very happy with how this song turned out. The second is entitled Funkelitious. Written a while ago this one tries to merge jazz inspired piano instrumentation with funky wah wah rhodes and other epianos. Again i think the fusion style in this track works well. The final track uploaded is called happichappi, lol. This one takes itself far less seriously than some of my other works and it was a hell of a lot of fun to produce. Acoustic guitar and blippy poppy synthwork weave this tune thats part happy hardcore, part acoustic and part jungle. Definitely a bit of fun. So yeah, thats about it. I hope you enjoy these tracks and please feel free to comment 🙂 Thanks Ashley

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